Welcome to Step - The app for finding 👀, saving & sharing all your favorite places ✌.

How it works.

Step is a new kind of social media built around the places you love.

For exploring the areas you’ve never been, and discovering spots you wish you had always known about...

Carol Tam

"STEP is an absolute game-changer! The app has made searching for gems that much easier, and I can’t wait to find more! It’s curated for the curious, and I have discovered numerous places to visit in a place I like to call home (Hong Kong), and will continue to bookmark other locations for the future. Whether it’s down the street or across the pond, STEP allows me to explore, build, and connect with people and places around the world!."

Sheila Lam

"Having Step has made sharing places with my friends so easy. I’m lucky to travel a lot for work but people often ask me for recommendations for the same city and instead of copy and pasting a message, they can now follow my steps. The app is also way cuter than a list sent over email or text."

Haley Duholke

"Step has created a new definiton for social media/apps/platforms. Through creating an economy around the exchange of recommendations -Step is the first place I look for local recommendations and culture - rich travel tips."

Fred C

"Shouts to the Step crew. My no.1 go to app when I’m looking for somewhere new to eat, buy records and dance in cities I’m not familiar with."